One Word Press is an independent publisher for the South West of England, seeking new voices in non-traditional ways. We aim to publish intelligent, entertaining and gripping fiction together with innovative non-fiction from authors mostly based in our region.


One Word Press are never going to compete with the large publishing houses and we don’t want to. We think there’s a place for the small. As one of our assistants put it, we’re like the Slow Food Movement of the publishing world, and we’re happy to be that!


We don't accept submissions  from literary agents or individual authors, instead, each year we run a series of writing competitions. Successful entrants will see their work published in the Prize anthology, and we hope to find authors to publish. Some prizes will be exclusively for authors who live in the West, while others will be open to everyone.

Everything we publish will be available in all formats on the same day.* Some people love a paperback, others like their shelves full of hardbacks that will last, while others only read on their e-reader. We don’t see why you should have to wait for your favourite format just to make a margin on the Hardback (we think if you like a hardback, you’ll buy it that way!)


*Except audio-books, which may be published at a later date.

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