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27/7/2020. Our very first title published! 

One Word Press's first publication is the extraordinary debut by Chris Rickaby - Billy Quiz and the Mission to Mars.

Billy Agnew is 16 years old and struggling to cope with the death of his mother. Something of a child genius, the folk in Walker, a working class district of Newcastle upon Tyne, call him Billy Quiz.  He's always asking questions and seeking answers.


In the long hot summer heatwave of 1976 the questions are who burnt down Ninder’s Uncle's shop? Is the Windsor Witch really a witch? Is his dad’s mate a Nazi and will NASA’s Viking One manage to land on the surface of Mars?


There are skinheads on the streets and the tarmac is melting on the pavement.

Billy Quiz and the Mission to Mars is a powerful and timely story about prejudice, racism, and the danger of jumping to conclusions. Told in the lyrical Geordie dialect, we really love this book!

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'...I realised it was the size of the cheese and pickle plate she chose that killed her. They did a cheese and pickle plate at Walker Comrades – the working men’s club she went to on Sundays, after mass at St Jude’s – and she liked them. So, I suppose, that’s why she stayed a little longer. I mean she wasn’t a drinker like some of them. She just liked the taste of cheese when pickle was also being offered. That particular combination, like.'

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