The Wessex Prize is a brand new literary competition that aims to find and publish new writers from the South West of England.  The south west has a strong tradition of producing extraordinary authors, and we hope to contribute to that tradition.


We are looking for previously unpublished authors, writing about the West Country, with something interesting to say. 


The Prize will launches on 1st March 2021 and closes on June 30th 2021. 


The Prize award is £1000 together with the publication of the work in full in the prize anthology. Nine runners up will also have an extract of their work published in the anthology. 

One Word...

Our One Word competitions take place throughout the year, and focus on different genres. Winners receive a small cash prize and publication in the competition anthology. These are the individual competition catergories and the closing dates for each.


Our overall aims apply here in that we're looking for authors writing about the West Country, with something interesting to say.

These are the categories.

One Word.....     General Fiction

Historical Fiction

Crime Fiction

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Young Adult Fiction

Non Fiction 

It costs £5 to enter any of these competitions, and you do that here.

The terms and conditions can be found here. 

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